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Several common sense of custom canvas bags

by:Huide     2021-07-15
Canvas are becoming more and more popular, but there are so many individual canvas bags, how do we choose to maximize the sense of fashion? There are many styles of canvas bags, including forest style, literary style, and fashion all-match . Here is a detailed introduction to several common senses about custom-made canvas bags. The first little common sense: raw material supplier canvas feels delicate to the touch, canvas originally belongs to coarse hemp fabric, it must be textured, but a good canvas has a clear texture and has a uniform and delicate feeling to the touch, but the quality is relatively poor The fabric feels rough, even hard.   The second little common sense: Look at the lining and accessories.    Pure cotton lining is much more expensive than chemical fiber lining, and of course it is stronger and not easy to draw. It feels first-class. Maybe we often encounter this situation. The appearance of the bag is not bad, and the lining is broken first, so when choosing a canvas bag, the lining is very important. A good canvas bag, the detail of the lining cannot be ignored.  The third little common sense: Color  Canvas bags are compared with leather bags or bags of other materials, and there are always fewer colors to choose from. The main reason is that the color fixation problem of canvas fabrics has not been solved well, and the bright and bright colors cannot be highlighted. Therefore, when choosing the color canvas bag and the bag body LOGO, pay special attention to whether the color is uniform or faded.  Fourth little common sense: The finer the stitches are sewn by the workmanship, the stronger the bag and the harder it is to open the thread. Companies or purchasers that make custom canvas bags should understand this. Regardless of whether the canvas bag is sewn with open thread or dark thread, the stitch length should be uniform, and there should be no thread exposed. Pay attention to whether the stitching is wrinkle-free and the thread is in place, and see if the threaded end will cause the bag to crack . The details determine the quality of the canvas!    canvas bags are customized, please look for it. It is a production enterprise specializing in the production and processing, Ru0026D, design and sales of luggage and bags. It has more than ten years of business experience, has a professional Ru0026D and design team and professional operations Staffing, therefore, has sufficient ability to develop and design the latest, exquisite, high-quality luggage for customers.
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