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Sewing standards for customized mountaineering bags

by:Huide     2021-06-11
With the rise of outdoor activities, outdoor' target='_blank'>backpacks are popular, especially professional mountaineering bags. Mountaineering is usually an outdoor activity in a group, so now many teams, schools, and companies will customize mountaineering bags as one of the signs of the group.   Mountaineering bag is an important equipment for carrying various travel items, and the quality of it determines the experience and mood of this journey. Customized mountaineering bags are more important than quality. In addition to the choice of material, the sewing standard of mountaineering bags is the second factor of quality. What are the sewing standards for customized mountaineering bags?  a. All seams are 12mm. Exceptions in special circumstances.  B. All fabric edges should be parallel to the sewing line. The spacing should be the same and the lines should be straight. The material edge cannot be more than the zipper edge. c. When the thread breaks, retreat by 1' and re-sew.   d. The upper thread and the lower thread must be well combined, not too loose, too tight, and not loose or tight. The thread cannot be broken.   e. The sewing on the foam is 6 stitches. /1 inch, all other sewing threads are 8 needles/1 inch.   f. The stitching line needs to be 2 times, and the gusset is 3 times.   g. All oxford belts, gussets, zipper ends , The end of the zipper should be roasted. Especially the beveled Oxford tape.   h. All thread ends should be removed.   i. The names of all hardware manufacturers should not be seen, and should be placed down.   j. There should be no needle holes.
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