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Shape design and structural design features of luggage

by:Huide     2021-06-09
Luggage from travel bags to Xiaokun bags, modern handbags really emerged in the 19th century. In the past, luggage and bags were practical daily necessities. Until now, luggage and bags are not only daily necessities, but also fashion items. In the gift industry, they have also become common gifts for customers and employees. There are many styles of gift bags, including shopping bags, handbags, backpacks, shoulder bags, shoulder bags, waist bags and various trolley cases, etc. The following is an introduction to the shape and structural design of the luggage:   一. The shape   The shape is actually a relatively stable geometry. It is believed that whether the appearance of a geometric body is attractive or not depends mainly on the front shape of the geometric body. However, for designers, the shape of the side, top and bottom all play a very important role. Each surface itself influences each other and needs to be designed. Only when the teacher makes a careful combination can each body become beautiful, generous or give people a sense of apostasy. The shapes of luggage and handbags are traditional rectangles, squares, trapezoids, circles, semicircles, hexagons, etc., as well as the waist-shaped, gourd-shaped, and various traditional shapes that are not round or square in the new era. Variation shape. Human beings have followed thousands of years of cultural traditions, and tend to prefer traditional shapes. In recent years, square-shaped bags have been popular with simple outlines and stylish styles; and many modern men and women in the new era prefer some 'broken' 'shape.  Second, structure   The structure refers to the organic combination of the external and internal components of a product in various ways. Here, it refers to the various structures of bags, handbags, wallets, etc., which are manufactured with one or more objects using different processes.   It reflects the technological characteristics of a product, but also reflects the use function and performance of a product. For each structure, both practical and decorative design methods can be used. The designer will determine the internal structure design according to the needs of the enterprise and the nature of the object. If there is no requirement, it will be designed as an office model, with a computer layer, an ipad layer, a file layer, and accessory slots.
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