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Six design rules for bags

by:Huide     2021-07-29
Brands make designers, designers make brands. There is no secret in design, and there is no fixed number of inspirations. It is just that designers merge the usual methods into a system and it becomes the secret. There are many differences between Chinese and Western designs. Chinese designers should not just copy foreign big names. Design in accordance with the needs of domestic customers. Bag design rule 1: All designs come from customer needs. Among the designed bag products, most of the high-priced products solve customer vanity and bring customers noble enjoyment. In this regard, most of them are only when the trademark becomes a well-known brand. It can be done. Our domestically designed products mostly focus on solving basic needs, such as designing this bag for what to hold, designing this bag because a certain brand sells well, we can do it at lower prices and better quality.  Bag design rule 2: The golden ratio enhances beauty   If you become a professional in a certain industry, you must understand some professional terminology of the industry. The golden ratio is indispensable in the professional terminology of the design industry. The golden ratio is also called the golden ratio. It is often used for the beauty of life and artistic creation, and this rule is widely used in bag design. The golden ratio, also known as the golden rule, refers to a certain mathematical relationship between the parts of a thing, that is, the whole is divided into two. The ratio of the larger part to the smaller part is equal to the ratio of the whole to the larger part, and its ratio is about 1. : 0.618 or 0.618:1, that is, the long section is 0.618 of the whole section. 0.618 is recognized as the most aesthetically significant ratio number, so it is called the golden section. The golden ratio is considered the most ideal ratio in architecture and art. Architects have a special preference for the number 0.618. Whether it is the pyramids of ancient Egypt, the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, or the Eiffel Tower in France in recent centuries, there are data related to 0.618. The ratio of the golden section to the width and length of most doors and windows is also 0.618; in addition, the golden section was used in the design of ancient Greek temples. Bag design rule 3: Path dependence is used in the design of the bag industry. Perhaps you can already know one or two. For example, why many long wallets are 19.5CM? Because it is better to hold hundred yuan bills; why some bags can hold books , Some bags can put A4 paper? Because these have taken into account the path dependence at the beginning of the design, when the bag was initially designed, the product size we use daily was taken into consideration. Bag design rule four: local customs such as foreign-designed bags can be open without zippers, or the inside of the bag is bare and there is no insert pocket, or the bag can only be carried by hand but not on the shoulder. If domestic designers follow the same pattern, it is estimated that customers will vote with their feet, because China’s domestic customs are relatively insecure. The bag should preferably have a zipper, and if possible, it should be double-layered, plus anti-theft, and the bag There are pockets inside, and a few more are better. Designers who focus on the Chinese market should probably ask the female friends around them, what are their needs?    Bag design rule five: the style and style of the brand’s natural design Generally, the design of the product is determined according to the positioning of the brand. For example, if a certain brand makes rhombic bags, all the designs of the designer can only do rhombic bags. For example, if you design a LOGO bag, then the material has already been determined, and you can only design that conforms to this material. The style and style of the bag. Bag design rule 6: To tap the potential needs of customers. To tap the potential needs of customers involves innovation. To take a path that no one has gone before, it needs to spend money to pay tuition, and lose some materials and hardware accessories and some tuition fees invested in the market. After the mobile phone came out, there was an Apple phone case, and after the ipad came out, there was an ipad case. Designers and bosses need to assume that a certain demand exists, and to develop products, plagiarism can never become a brand. To become a market leader, it is difficult to be convinced without some killers.   The above six rules are highly used by bag designers. Of course, the real design skills are far more than these. The secrets of designers are not difficult to grasp. The more you look at, the wider the horizon, and the design is handy.
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