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Six Trends in Bags

by:Huide     2021-07-31
Equipping with a satisfactory bag is the dream of all women, and the key to achieving this dream is to keep an eye on bag trends. Next, the editor will briefly tell you what are the popular trends of bags.   Translucent: Popular styles include gauze mesh and transparent glue type. They are simple and tough. Medium-sized transparent bags are often lined with a shiny and bright second new bag, giving people a delicate and translucent feeling. The colors are orange, emerald green, silvery white and pearl pink, which are young girls expressing their personality. A personal weapon advertised as avant-garde and trendy.   Simplicity: The pursuit of a perfect and simple atmosphere will be a popular trend. The combination of modern materials and simple lines produced the graceful aura of the 1930s. Single style handbags made of knitted, linen fabric, nylon and soft leather, etc., can change an amazing style, and can match a variety of clothing; it can be said to be unchangeable, this kind of simple to pure Charm is hard to stop.   Embroidery: Move the delicate and perfect embroidery pattern to a leather bag with a certain degree of hardness, which can create a new visual effect. The popular pattern is a delicate oriental pattern. This kind of handbag can perfectly match with the popular Chinese clothing at the end of the century, highlighting the noble, elegant, delicate and unique charm.  Animal pattern: Handbags made of various velvet fabrics are favored by women due to their distinctive soft texture and nobleness. It is combined with velvet satin during production. Due to the suede effect such as leopard prints and markings on the stitching, the gentle touch set off can not help people's heart. Grass pocket: The woven grass pocket is firstly based on the natural use of natural materials, apricot, brown, and light brown are intertwined; secondly, the models are mainly larger basket-shaped and flat-square ladder-shaped, with handle and shoulder The most striking thing is the metallic buckle, which is mostly handled in the form of huge beads. Tortoise shell: the inspiration of tortoise shell extends from watches and bracelets to handbag design. The extremely small tortoise shell chain backpack, the horn-shaped handbag decorated with new-style bristles, and the handbag with jeweled handles are all unique in their originality. The tortoise shell pattern and shape design brings new interest to the bag. The colors are mostly light purple, light silver gray, and pearl, which are quite pretty and attractive.
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