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Six types of plastic handles for luggage customization

by:Huide     2021-07-09
handles are an indispensable component in the combination of luggage product accessories. The most important thing is to play an auxiliary role, making it more convenient for people to lift and push the luggage when using the luggage duffel. In the luggage market, not only luggage duffel styles are diverse in design, but also luggage handle design styles are also diverse. So here, let me explain to you the six types of plastic handles customized for luggage. The retractable plastic handle is one of the six types of plastic handles customized for luggage. This style of plastic luggage handles will arch when lifted, and can be retracted when released. Such a flexible handle can not only improve The luggage is beautiful, and it feels more comfortable to use, and it is convenient to stack the luggage in storage.  The flip-type plastic handle among the six types of plastic handles customized by the luggage can facilitate the emergency lifting of the luggage. The 180-degree flip space design is to facilitate the replacement of the left and right hands, and it does not take up space after use. The flip-type plastic handle is generally designed in an arc shape, which not only adds a lot of beauty and reliability to the luggage, but also allows enough space for the handle part of the handle.  The six types of plastic handles customized for luggage include retractable and reversible types, as well as snap-on plastic handles, heat-sealable plastic handles, sewing-type plastic handles and fixed plastic handles. For custom luggage, choose a custom manufacturer, which can not only develop and design more exquisite styles of luggage for customers, but also make high-quality luggage plastic handles.
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