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Some details that need to be paid attention to when customizing the trolley case

by:Huide     2021-08-16
In the usual shopping process, we will choose from thousands of choices, shop around before choosing the items we like. Similarly, when you are traveling or on a business trip, you will also choose a trolley case that suits you. So what details should be paid attention to when selecting or customizing a trolley case? The editor has collected some information on the above issues, I hope it will be helpful to everyone in customizing the trolley duffel case. First of all: when customizing a travel trolley suitcase, entrepreneurs should check the appearance of the box, that is, whether the box is round and whether the corners of the box are symmetrical. You can put the box upright or upside down on the ground to check whether the box is on the ground with all four feet and is not skewed. , And check whether the surface of the box is flat, scratches or cracks. Pay special attention to the four corners of the box shell (top and bottom) to be symmetrical. Open the box and check the mouth of the box. The mouth of the box should be consistent with each other, the gap should be small, the seam should be closed, the hinges should rotate flexibly, the buckles should be closed, fastened, and opened. The box should be firmly adhered, and there should be no textile fabrics. The phenomenon of wire skipping and cracking. The handle (mop) is installed firmly and cannot be loosened. The running wheel of the box should rotate flexibly, and it is better to choose the running wheel with bearing. When checking the lock of the box, you can combine several sets of numbers at will to test, and the opening and closing are normal. The material of the trolley case wheels is of course rubber, and the lower the sound when it is pulled on the ground, the better. The zipper of the box is also very important, but it is not necessarily the bigger the better. It depends on the material and the feel of the pull-up. Secondly: Regarding the pull rod of the trolley box, the pull rod should be flexible and have a certain strength. The telescopic rod and the fixed rod should be matched properly, and the expansion cannot be too large. After the locking button of the pull rod is pressed, the pull rod should be able to extend and retract smoothly. Of course, the tie rods must be built-in, and the material must be steel (external tie rods and wheels are definitely not suitable for the brutal loading and unloading of various flights nowadays), the box body must have a steel frame, the fabric is preferably rain-proof, and the material The particle size is better because it is more wear-resistant. Combining the above two points, I believe you have some understanding of the 'some details that need to be paid attention to when customizing the trolley case'. Of course, the editor also collected and sorted out the online data. The above information is for reference only. When purchasing a trolley case, you can consult the trolley case seller or luggage duffel manufacturer for specific questions. I believe their professional insights can solve your question and answer.
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