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Special terms for luggage and cutting process terms for processing methods

by:Huide     2021-07-12
1. Ironing raw materials: As the original and auxiliary fabrics may be wrinkled during transportation and storage, which seriously affects the cutting quality of the pieces, the raw materials must be ironed carefully before cutting to make the fabrics flat and without wrinkles. 2. Layout: According to the appearance characteristics and quality requirements of the component model, arrange the original and auxiliary fabrics reasonably to minimize the loss rate of materials, and work out the relative application material quota value. 3. Spreading materials: Spread materials on the table according to the marking requirements and standards. 4. Marking: Use the template to reasonably arrange the outer contour lines of the part chat piece on the surface fabric of the auxiliary material according to different specifications, as a sign of opening and cutting. 5. Re-check marking: Re-check whether the quantity and quality of surface scribes meet the requirements of technical regulations. 6. Open cut: use special cutting tool to cut according to the drawn line. 7. Drilling: Use a cutting tool to make sewing marks on the pieces to ensure the accuracy of the sewing part and size. Generally, the marks should be seated on the parts that can be sewn, so as not to affect the appearance of the product. 8. Chalk printing: Use chaff to make sewing marks on the cut piece, usually as a temporary mark. 9. Number: Number the cut pieces in sequence, and the part numbers on the same bag should be the same. 10. Check the cutting edge: check whether the size and position of the cutting edge meet the quality requirements. 11. With spare parts: complete all the parts and materials needed for a luggage duffel product. 12. Inspection: Check the quality and quantity of the pieces. 13. Remedy: Repair the repairable woven defects or minor leather injuries in the film. 14. Change pieces: change the pieces that do not meet the quality. 15. Sectional consumption: the loss caused by the breakage of the grey fabric after spreading. 16. Cutting consumption: the loss of the grey fabric in the scribing and cutting after spreading. Recommended related reading: terminology and processing method inspection process terminology terminology and processing method sewing terminology
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