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【Spine Protection Schoolbag】What are the elements of a spine protection schoolbag?

by:Huide     2021-09-13
In the past few years, many people didn't know much about spine-protecting schoolbags, thinking that spine-protecting schoolbags are no different except that they are more expensive than ordinary schoolbags. However, as students’ schoolbags become more and more burdened, people are paying more and more attention to children’s spine health, and spine protection schoolbags have gradually become a popular choice for student schoolbag purchase and customization in recent years. So, what are the elements of the spine protection schoolbag? Let's listen to what the manufacturer says. What are the elements of a spine protection schoolbag? The spine protection schoolbag, as its name suggests, is a schoolbag that protects the health of the spine. There are many schoolbags on the market that are called spine protection schoolbags. The manufacturer reminds everyone that not all schoolbags can really be called spine protection schoolbags. Yes, a good spine protection schoolbag must have the following elements:   1. The spine protection schoolbag must conform to the ergonomic design. The spine protection schoolbag design must follow the principles of ergonomics, and the overall design of the schoolbag must pay attention to carrying comfort and freedom of movement. The back cushion should conform to the natural shape of the human spine and its movement characteristics. While not obstructing the movement of the head and torso, the gravity of the backpack should be better distributed to all parts of the back, so as to reduce the discomfort caused by the heavy load. For Chinese children who have a lot of textbooks in their schoolbags, this design can greatly reduce the pressure on the shoulders and back of the schoolbag. In addition, the spine protection schoolbag should also be equipped with an S-shaped wide and thick shoulder strap designed according to the characteristics of the clavicle and scapula. The S-shaped wide and thick shoulder strap takes into account the child’s ability to maintain the freedom of the shoulders and arms during exercise. The shoulder strap of the schoolbag will not slip off, nor will it be restricted by other aspects.  2, the spine protection schoolbag should have a complete carrying system    a good spine protection schoolbag should have a complete carrying system, which can reduce the burden on the shoulders, and can reduce shoulder pressure by 35% compared with ordinary schoolbags, which can effectively prevent spinal curvature and correct poor walking posture. If the schoolbag has all the elements such as the back baffle, wide and thick shoulder straps, chest strap, waist belt, etc., it can constitute a complete carrying system for high-quality children's schoolbags. For example, a wide schoolbag shoulder strap can disperse the pressure on the shoulders, and a schoolbag waist belt and chest strap can fix the schoolbag on the waist and back to prevent the schoolbag from swinging and reduce the pressure on the spine and shoulders. If the schoolbag carrying system can be adjusted according to height, then this schoolbag is a good schoolbag that is truly responsible for the health of the child.  3, spine protection schoolbags should have reasonable weight.    Schoolbags that are too light or too heavy are not good for children. Schoolbags that are too light indicate that the carrying system is imperfect. Too heavy schoolbags increase the burden on the burden and are not good for carrying health. Therefore, the self-respect of the spine protection schoolbag must be reasonable. According to the recommended sanitation industry standard 'Hygiene Requirements for School Bags for Primary and Secondary School Students' issued by the National Health Commission, the self-weight of school bags should be 0.5 to 1.0 kg, and the weight of school bags carried by students should not exceed 10% of their body weight. 4. The functional design of the spine protection schoolbag should be perfected. A good spine protection schoolbag should not only have the above-mentioned elements, but also have a complete functional design, such as the internal space design of the schoolbag, the design of the reflective safety device, the waterproof design, etc. Functions are required. The reflective safety device design like a schoolbag allows children to promptly remind people or vehicles to avoid avoidance when using schoolbags in the evening, cloudy or hazy days to ensure the safety of children. The reasonable design of the interior space of the schoolbag can also allow the children to store their school supplies in an orderly manner, cultivate their storage and organization skills from an early age, and help them develop good habits. Modern education competition is very fierce, causing children to carry a lot of school bag homework every day, and elementary and middle school students are at a critical stage of growth and development. If they do not choose healthy school bags, they will easily cause potential injuries after long-term weight bearing, leading to hunchback and roundness. Bad postures such as shoulders and forward leaning can even cause adverse reactions such as spinal deformation. Therefore, it is important to choose whether to protect the spine of schoolbags in primary and secondary schools. If you want to know more about the information of the spine protection schoolbag, you can click on the factory online customer service consultation to understand, and we will be happy to help you answer!
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