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Summer vacation boom, customized school bags are exquisite

by:Huide     2021-07-30
Every summer, July and August are the peak sales season for schoolbags, and it will last until the week after school starts. As a schoolbag purchaser, are your goods ready? Customizing a schoolbag depends on the material, design, size, etc. of the schoolbag In terms of consideration, there is a lot of attention to it.   One, the material of the school bag     In order to reduce the weight, the school bag should be made of light-weight materials, such as nylon or PVC. In addition, it should be avoided that the schoolbag has too many metal buckles or metal zippers, because too many metal accessories not only increase the weight of the schoolbag, but also may cause damage to the back. my country has clearly stipulated the formaldehyde content of the fabrics and accessories of schoolbags: the formaldehyde content per kilogram of schoolbags shall not exceed 30 mg. However, most of the schoolbags on the actual market greatly exceed this regulation, even if the schoolbags produced by some regular manufacturers also exceed the standard. The material of the schoolbag should not have a pungent odor, and the smell is heavy. It is possible that the formaldehyde content of the schoolbag greatly exceeds the standard.  Second, the design of the schoolbag  The shoulder straps should be wide, with shoulder pads, preferably with a weight belt. It helps to reduce the pressure on the shoulder caused by the schoolbag, and can evenly distribute the weight of the schoolbag; and the padded shoulder strap can reduce the strain on the trapezius muscle caused by the schoolbag. Using a belt can make the schoolbag closer to the back, and unload the weight of the schoolbag evenly on the waist bones and disc bones. Moreover, the waist belt can fix the schoolbag at the waist, prevent the schoolbag from swinging, and reduce the pressure on the spine and shoulders. Since the schoolbag must be close to the back, the back of the backpack should be cushioned, and the cushion should have pits to help dissipate heat.  3. The size of the schoolbag    schoolbags are marked with a capacity size. Generally, it can be divided into preschool, freshman, lower grade, and upper grade. The corresponding size should be customized according to the actual situation, and should not exceed 15% of the student's weight.   If you want to customize a school bag with particular material, design, and size, I recommend the Guangdong region. Guangdong is a luggage area with good quality, sufficient materials, mature technology, and excellent prices in China's luggage base. Guangdong is a very good luggage manufacturer. It has served Tsinghua Experimental School and Jilin University High School. I believe it is your trustworthy manufacturers!
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