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Take you quickly understand bags custom procedures and process

by:Huide     2020-07-20

as the market changes, bags custom becomes more and more favor for corporate customers, OEM production is more and more be accepted by the customer a lot of customers are and have chosen bag manufacturer for OEM customization. As you may not understand the luggage bags customization enterprise custom technology and processes, luggage manufacturers today small make up take a quick look at your bags custom and production process.

first find a professional manufacturer of suitcases and bags this is very important, docking with the bag factory personnel detailed demand that is important to communicate your custom needs to be described in detail and ensure the factory personnel no misunderstanding, customized design, the number of bags custom, budget price range, usage scenarios or actual use, such as your hands if you have to customize samples, then you'd better provide the manufacturer can be carried out in accordance with the sample custom production.

after on your needs, you must listen to how to give you advice, if you want to custom design is not the same rigid demands, also can let the factory give you recommend a writing style reference, manufacturers of production technology and cost, after all, still on the line, if manufacturer can one pace reachs the designated position to recommend a suitable design also forgave you in design created out of thin air.

after the final demand communication set, can let the bag manufacturer to arrange proofing samples out to, of course there's going to be a proofing fee, this needs to be double the consensus can be recognized. To this point, is the test manufacturer of custom implementation capability!

proofing the sample satisfied orders can be production. Proofing if not up to satisfaction factory is a little small trouble, need sample of the backpack to transform, according to the change has been modified. Client side only to wait for a period of time can exam to the next version of the sample.

bags custom OEM contract, in case custom at this step is the beginning of the custom, before also is a cold dish. Only at this step bags manufacturer will be scheduled production issued by single production technology, the production preparation, printing opener template, for cutting, sewing, a variety of processing equipment, finally turn package, also make some packaging production technology and work flow.

all the process is completed and the final end very crucial step, to push the production sample. Make sure there are no quality problem, arrange goods delivery to the enterprise or customer side.
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