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Talking about the gluing process in the manufacture of luggage

by:Huide     2021-07-25
The gluing process is a process in which the fabric and the box body or the lining are bonded into a whole through an adhesive in the manufacture of bags. The gluing process has two methods of gluing three-dimensional parts and flat parts. So, let's learn about the adhesive process of luggage manufacturing. Adhesive bonding methods can be divided into two types according to the process requirements of the luggage duffel product. The three-dimensional parts are bonded by the bonding surface after molding, and the flat parts are bonded after the surface layer is fixed and the molded surface is bonded. Adhesive is a method of setting after bonding the surface layer.  There are four methods for bonding three-dimensional parts, namely the bonding of fat-shaped three-dimensional parts, the bonding of square three-dimensional parts, the bonding of semi-rounded three-dimensional parts, and the bonding of three-dimensional elastic surfaces. The gluing methods of the plane piece include leather material bonding, fiber fabric bonding, artificial leather bonding, elastic flat body bonding, part core and kneading corner bonding.   Adhesive process is to determine the aesthetics of the appearance of luggage duffel products, and plays an important role in the customization of luggage duffel. Then, to choose a customized luggage, you need to have an in-depth understanding of the operating level of the luggage manufacturer's personnel and whether the factory facilities are complete. Here, the editor recommends to you a manufacturer with more than ten years of operating experience, with well-equipped workshops, professional Ru0026D and design teams, and skilled operators.
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