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Teach you 7 tips for daily care of luggage

by:Huide     2021-08-05
Today, the editor will analyze the tips for daily care of' target='_blank'>luggage duffel: 1. To prevent mold, please dry it in a dry, cool place and store it in a ventilated place with low humidity. 2: In a high temperature car with closed windows, if it is left for a long time, it may cause the melting and adhesion of the coating. 3: Avoid overlapping empty bags with other items during storage, so as not to lose shape. 4: After being drenched in rain, wipe with a soft cloth and dry in a cool place. 5: The workmanship maintains the original attributes of the leather, and the color will fade due to rain or friction, and the clothes will be soiled. 6: In order to prevent damage to the film, discoloration, etc., please avoid using alcohol solvents such as gasoline and banana water and washing it in water. 7: When hand dirt and other eye-catching, please use the leather special decontamination device. However, due to the color fading sometimes, please be sure to wipe the inconspicuous place first. Also, because the sticky leather cannot be used with a decontamination device, please use a dry erase or eraser.

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