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Teach you how to buy bags?

by:Huide     2021-06-11
Modern people pay more and more attention to relaxing their bodies and minds. More and more people choose to go sightseeing to enjoy the happiness brought by the beautiful season. Travel luggage as an essential tool for travel is favored by more consumers. How about choosing one of the many kinds of bags? 1. Consumers should purchase suitable travel bags according to their personal needs. Whether there are clear stratification inside the luggage, such as dry and wet stratification, folding clothing bags, hanging zipper bags, document storage, laptop bags and other areas, users can choose products with obvious ranges according to their personal needs. At the same time, consumers should reasonably choose bags with different fabric volumes according to their personal preferences. Most hard cases have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, waterproof, and compression resistance. The hard shell material can protect the contents from being squeezed and impacted. But the disadvantage is that the built-in capacity is fixed. The soft case is convenient for users to use more space, and most of them are light in weight, strong in toughness, and exquisite in appearance, and are more suitable for short trips. Second, luggage selection: look, touch, smell, lining, details how to choose a high-quality, stylish and beautiful bag, not only depends on the brand, but also if you have experience and skills. Simply put, there are five main points: 1. Look, the look is not only beautiful overall, but also attention to details! The second touch, the feel of the material is very important; the third smell, now many chemical textile materials are unavoidable in their pros and cons, even natural leather is processed, and there must be no peculiar smell or strong glue smell; fourth, look at the hardware, whether the zipper is smooth, and the hardware If the gloss is good and whether it is thick or not, of course you should pay attention to the places where it is often worn; the five linings, whether the lining material is crisp, thick, and delicate in hand, these details often reflect the quality of the product. Remind you that these five points must be remembered, so that when you first choose the bags, you will choose the genuine ones.
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