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Teach you how to classify for the kit customization

by:Huide     2020-07-19

often said kit customization means more tools manufacturers for the production of their own making, an elegant and practical packaging is to protect the safety of the various tools or contact with the external security, in addition to using toolkits provide portable service staff.

so how to kit customization classification? If the package contains tools for use and use scope generally can be divided into three general. Tool backpack, tool box, portable kit customization of three categories. These three bags have different features we together but you do a analysis.

a, portable kit customization: the shape of a portable toolkit is mostly in the toolkit transverse party b to produce a portable, often the toolkit weight and volume is not large, because of the big or heavy don't portable, to ensure that one hand easily. Even kit filled with tools to ensure that the adult to single hand. If inside cheng fang is a valuable tool, this can not be sure to drop anticollision kit customization, internal force enough buffer. Purpose is, of course, protect the security of the tool. After all, a set of valuable tools are expensive.

2, tool backpack custom: tool backpack customization toolkit is one of the most common. We according to the two kinds of subdivided again and a tool for the single shoulder bag, the bag only one shoulder straps easy and convenient to carry. He generally do not special basic appearance looks like normal use briefcase will more, but most are small pockets of fabrics are made with sturdy, even using double layer fabric, internal structure is complex, generally can be different tools has its fixed position. Backpack is another tool, production tool backpack most reason is the comparison of the tool and the staff have to carry heavy use, or need to outdoor work and so on reasons, tool backpack will play to his strengths, as long as the back on the shoulder can cooperate worker squats, bent down to all necessary actions. Surface most of this tool backpack backpack with computer, no doubt, but a touch with your hand and you will see that his hardness is very high, to open the zipper will see the internal structure clothing will be very big. Because of the need to share the weight, the tool bag can do to protect the waist pad.

3, tool bags custom: according to the material for tool bags also have a lot of variety. A toolkit for aluminum, mostly four square corners, edges inside can make Mosaic partition or to meet the need of tool, made of EVA material lining can also have the effect of shock absorption. All sorts of toolkit mostly on special occasions. There is a toolkit for Oxford cloth, Oxford cloth can have very good wear-resisting non-slip effect, inner city will also make it according to need different founder sponge or EVA. After the article roll call used everywhere will have the effect of finalize the design. Often this toolbox looks very like luggage pull rod box.

small make up more than toolkit classification is analysed for you, I hope it can help your toolkit customization.

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