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Teach you how to clean schoolbags

by:Huide     2021-08-06
Today, I will tell you about the cleaning methods of schoolbags. 1. Hand wash the schoolbag first: soak the schoolbag in water before cleaning (the water temperature is below 30 degrees, and the soaking time should be within ten minutes), so that the water can penetrate into the fiber, and the water-soluble dirt can be removed first, so that the schoolbag will be cleaned when washing. It can reduce the amount of lotion, and the washing effect is better;  Secondly: ESQ products are all environmentally friendly hand-dyed products, and some slight fading during washing is normal. Please wash dark fabrics separately to avoid contamination of other clothes. Do not use containing (bleaching) Detergent, fluorescent agent, phosphorous), it is easy to damage the cotton fabric;  Finally: do not wring dry by hand after washing the schoolbag, hand-twisting the schoolbag is easy to deform, can not be directly scrubbed with a brush, just rub it, you can directly wait When the water is naturally dripped to dry quickly, shake it to dry naturally, avoid sun, because ultraviolet rays can easily cause discoloration, use natural drying methods, do not dry. 2. Machine wash schoolbags First of all: when washing the washing machine, please pack the books into the laundry bag, put it in the washing machine (the water temperature is below 30 degrees), and use a soft detergent (aqueous laundry detergent);  Secondly: the schoolbag should not be too dry after rinsing ( About six or seven minutes to dry), take it out and shake it to dry naturally, avoid sunlight, because ultraviolet rays can easily cause discoloration, use natural drying methods, do not dry. More luggage duffel common sense 'scan and pay attention'
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