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Teach you how to clean your beloved trolley case

by:Huide     2021-08-06
When traveling, the trolley case is an indispensable companion, and after traveling, cleaning and maintaining the trolley case can keep a good partner for a long time. The following are the matters needing attention in the maintenance of different trolley cases.  一 Leather' target='_blank'>trolley duffel case maintenance   1. Do not directly scrub the surface of the package with water. The correct way is to use a dry cloth dipped in water or detergent to wipe it. 2. Wipe the leather trolley box should follow the direction of the fur. 3. Do not use items with acid or alkaline ingredients to clean. 4. Put away the leather trolley box in the wet season and place it in a ventilated cabinet with as wide a place as possible. In order to avoid squeezing, distortion and mold.  2 Maintenance of cloth trolley case  1. When cleaning, use a damp cloth or a viscose roller brush to clean the surface dust. For serious stains, use a damp cloth or a soft brush dipped in detergent to scrub.  2. You can use cold water, but do not iron, it will burn the epidermis.   3. If the cloth bags are stained with deep dirt, you can add a little soda water when cleaning.  4. Use a dust bag to cover it when not in use, otherwise the accumulated dust will seep into the surface of the bag and be difficult to clean. Three hard trolley case maintenance 1. Use a damp cloth to easily wipe the stains 2. After cleaning, put it away after drying, do not expose to the sun 3. Avoid scratches by sharp objects when using or storing, it is easy to leave marks 4. For metal accessories Long-term cleaning is necessary to effectively prevent metal fading
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