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Teach you how to improve the durability of your backpack

by:Huide     2021-08-07
Backpacks are the most indispensable things for going to work, climbing, and outings. It can carry a lot of things, free your hands, keep your body balanced, and make the journey safer and more comfortable. However, for a sturdy and durable backpack, in addition to the choice at the time of purchase, daily care is essential. The following teaches you how to improve the durability of your backpack?   1. Backpacks during travel   Backpacks tend to collect dust during travel, so it is inevitable to regularly use vacuum cleaners and other tools to remove dust. Note that when cleaning the backpack, you can't use the brush head to stick to the cloth surface, so as not to leave the stolen goods on the cloth surface. If there are dirty spots on the fabric, first wash the towel with clean water with detergent and wring it until it is slightly damp. Wipe the dirty spots, repeat several times until they are clean, and then wash the towel with clean water and wring it to half dry Wipe clean and air dry naturally.   When choosing an outdoor backpack, the backpack fabric is the key choice. The selection of fabrics needs to consider the degree of wear resistance, the degree of waterproof technology, the weight of the fabric, the degree of tear resistance, the degree of softness and the degree of UV resistance. If you choose a backpack that is not waterproof, you need to be equipped with a rain cover; wear-resistant materials are mostly used at the bottom of the backpack, where it touches the most ground and rocks. The bottom of the double-layer backpack can increase the durability of the backpack.  2. Backpacks in life    Backpacks in life can be cleaned regularly every February to March, and you can shake the dust at home on weekdays. Clean the backpack on weekdays and avoid contact with chemicals or scratches. When placing it, keep the backpack dry. If the backpack is wet or damp, it will cause deformation.   In summary, the care of the backpack is one of the important conditions for improving durability. So, let us take action and treat our backpacks more preferentially. I believe that as long as we cherish it, it will definitely be willing to stay with us for a long time.
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