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Teach you how to quickly identify the quality of the trolley case

by:Huide     2021-08-07
Nowadays, many trolley case manufacturers produce trolley cases, which have to undergo rigorous testing before they can leave the factory. Many mass-brand companies will send professional inspectors to the factory to inspect the goods, because when we get the trolley case, we can’t To judge whether certain parts of the box are good or bad. Now I will talk about how to express the quality of the trolley case.   case material: In fact, there are many kinds of materials for the trolley duffel case, the commonly used ones are leather, PU, u200bu200bPC, ABS, nylon cloth, Oxford cloth and so on. The material of the fabric is well judged. The difference in quality can be felt through the feel. The leather is mainly leather and PU leather. At present, most of the trolley cases are made of PU leather fabric, because PU has better toughness and is not easy to wrinkle. PC and ABS are a kind of engineering plastics. Both of these materials are hard materials. They are very flexible and can bear the weight of an adult. They are waterproof and antifouling. They are stylish in appearance and are very popular among young people. case workmanship: The trolley case is the same as the bag. It depends on the sewing process. It depends on whether the trolley case is finely sewn. It usually starts from the details. For example, there is no extra lining on the side of the box. Look at the sewing. Whether the line is twisted, the most important thing is whether the zipper of the trolley duffel case is smooth, and the connection between the case covers should also be paid special attention to when checking.   case accessories: In addition to the material, the most conspicuous thing is the hardware accessories. For example, hardware LOGO, slider, wrist, etc. Good quality hardware accessories have very good gloss, and good hardware accessories are not easy to oxidize or rust.   If you want to customize the trolley case with good quality, I highly recommend the manufacturer here. It has been more than 13 years since its establishment. It not only has a certain scale of factory buildings and layout rooms, complete production equipment, but also has professional Ru0026D designers and skilled production masters, which is a good choice.
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