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Teach you the healthy back method of a shoulder bag

by:Huide     2021-08-07
The shoulder bag is an indispensable decoration for fashion collocation. For men, he is a symbol of taste and status; for women, he is a representative of decoration and fashion. Shoulder bags have always been favored in people's lives, but long-term shoulder bags have hidden health risks. Experts often remind us that carrying a shoulder bag for a long time, especially when the weight is too large, can directly damage our shoulders and neck. Long-term side-back shoulder bag, gravity compresses the shoulder muscles, the neck and the compressed shoulders form tension, and the imbalance of the forces on both sides of the spine can lead to scoliosis, and the shoulders on both sides are asymmetrical, which will cause the shoulder muscles invisibly Strain, shoulder and back pain will occur in a short time, and more serious cause the intervertebral disc to shift and cause cervical spondylosis. In this regard, I would like to point out a few shoulder bags to friends who love shoulder bags about the correct way to carry a shoulder bag. 1. Reduce the weight of the shoulder bag. The main reason for the damage of the shoulder bag to the body is that it is too heavy. So generally in addition to the necessary items, try to reduce the weight in the shoulder bag, balance and reduce the weight of the shoulder. 2. Both shoulders can be used to change the shoulder bag. The second reason for the patient is one shoulder. To solve this problem, we can change the shoulder bag to keep the balance on both sides. Generally, it is a side back or diagonal span, and the diagonal span is also full of different fashion beauty. The weight that can withstand the diagonal span is better than the side back. 3. When carrying a shoulder bag, the posture should be adjusted to the strap of the shoulder bag, and the shoulder strap when carrying a shoulder bag should not be too long. It is easy to cause excessive shaking and fatigue, and there is no stable center of gravity. . The best carrying length is at the pelvis, and using a suitable length helps to adjust the tension muscles of the shoulders. In addition, you should pay more attention to moving your neck and shoulders in normal times, and stick to it to promote blood circulation throughout the cervical spine and maintain a relaxed and good physical condition. Fashion has always been at your feet, and health has always been with you.
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