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The basic principles of custom computer bag

by:Huide     2021-06-13
For the' target='_blank'>backpack, I feel that no matter how it is used, it is not easy to use. The laptop bag is too inconvenient and too occupying, and it becomes a burden to pack things. The size of the back-type computer bag is annoying for not choosing the right size, it is too formal, and sometimes feels awkward. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the basic principles of computer bags.  1. Protect the computer   The size is appropriate and the inner tank structure is firm, so that the computer can be properly fixed in the bag. In terms of specific performance, the first is to absorb shock and pressure. The foam sponge layer with high density and slow rebound can prevent collision more effectively. If the bottom of the bag is designed with a thick anti-vibration layer, it can also absorb the impact when it is dropped. In addition, waterproofing is also an important performance of computer bags, and fabrics with good water-repellent properties are preferred. If there are waterproof zippers, moisture-proof coating and even rain cover, you will feel more at ease in rainy days.   2. Carrying comfortably    carrying the system is very important to the 'user experience' of the computer bag. A backpack with a thin shoulder strap will make your shoulders overwhelmed under strong pressure. The shoulder straps with a wide and thick design can liberate your shoulders. The same is true for handbags. The thick and thick handles are more comfortable to hold. A well-designed backpack system can also optimize heat dissipation and further disperse the pressure to reduce the burden on the body.  3. Storeability    Storeability is positively related to complexity. So it's not that the storage is better. Before customization, the company's needs should be determined so that the most suitable style and function of the computer bag can be selected. For example, for most male colleagues, a computer bag usually contains not only the computer, but also other personal belongings. The style with large space and multiple partitions is more suitable; while for female colleagues with a commuter bag, a small, light-weight interior The bladder can meet the storage needs.  Four. Durable   Among conventional fabrics, nylon has better quality and performance. The quality of nylon is determined by the number of D (such as 800D, 1000D). The higher the density, the more wear-resistant it is, and the waterproof and dust-proof performance is better. Polyester fabrics are also more durable. Another thing that cannot be ignored is the details of the workmanship of the computer bag. In terms of accessories, zippers and buckles are related to experience and longevity. The seams, especially the seams of the handles, should be carefully considered whether they are smooth and firm.  5. The design should look good.    The bag has a unique shape, but it is not in vain. It has enough capacity and has a lot of mezzanine. In addition to the computer, there are many things that can be packed in an orderly manner. Can have versatility, such as side handles, can be carried or back, can freely change the style, widened shoulder straps, etc. Customized computer bags, please look for it! Is a professional Ru0026D, design, production, processing and sales of luggage industry and trade enterprises, committed to improving high-quality personalized luggage customization services, can be customized according to the size provided by the customer, or according to the customer The color is customized, and you can also specify the LOGO, the specified color or the specified pattern according to the customer, professional design, production and processing customization, word of mouth guaranteed!
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