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The basic process of luggage production and the use of materials

by:Huide     2021-07-11
The process of making luggage is also relatively simple to summarize, that is, buying raw materials-cutting raw materials-sewing on a flat car-packaging in the following processes. In this process, there will be several aspects of attention: The type and purpose of the first luggage duffel template. Broadly speaking, a complete set of luggage template should include cutting template and process template. The cutting template is mainly used for mass cutting. It is used for mold, nesting, cutting, marking and so on. The cutting templates are basically rough. The craft template is mainly used for correction, positioning, shaping, and quantification of semi-finished products during the sewing process. Most of the craft samples are clean, and some are rough. The process model directly serves the workshop assembly line, and there is another process model that serves us as a model-the basic model. The second board-making tool and material board-making tool, hand knife, compasses, draw a circle, and the seam allowance (use index finger and pencil if you are proficient), needle cone, positioning, and measurement of two templates to be stitched together (such as The large surface has been determined, measuring the length of the bottom strips, etc.); of course, compasses can be used instead; punches are used to punch holes in the template, and the diameter is determined according to actual needs; steel rulers are the most basic. For the convenience of work, it is generally good to prepare one for 30cm, 60cm, 100cm, and 150cm. One more point: Generally steel rulers are slippery on cardboard, you can use two-sided glue to paste a thinner emery cloth on the reverse side to prevent slippage; Pen: a pencil (drawing various auxiliary lines), a ballpoint pen or a pen ( Write a copy of the size table); correction fluid (rubber): altered. The luggage production process is not static, but must be implemented in combination with luggage duffel category and technology. Understanding the luggage production process also facilitates luggage customization users to choose suitable manufacturers for cooperation.
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