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The beauty of double slider zipper design for luggage customization

by:Huide     2021-06-20
Zippers exist in backpacks, trolley duffel bags and trolley duffel cases, and many manufacturers in the luggage industry now advocate the use of double slider zippers as luggage seals, which can be closed from both sides. So why are double slider zippers so popular? The zipper is composed of chain teeth, zipper tape, chain head, and zipper locking parts, and the bag is sealed with the ice box or the separated connecting object by the continuous arrangement of the chain teeth. The traditional zipper only opens or closes from one side, and any object will have a fatigue limit after a long time application. Therefore, if the zipper is pulled from one side for a long time, if the fatigue limit is exceeded, the zipper on one side will often rub against the slider. It ages. This is the same reason that the luggage is not easily damaged by changing the back. At present, luggage and bags will be derived from the method of using double slider zippers. The advantages of double slider zippers are summarized as follows: 1. The double slider zipper design makes the zipper pull up from both ends, which can make the sealing without gaps. Lock tightly. 2. The double-slider zipper bag is more convenient to open/close, making it more time-saving 3. Using both side sliders to pull the zipper at the same time can reduce the failure rate of the bag zipper in the pulling process. Double-shoulder computer bag double-layer double-slider zipper Design 4. The double slider zipper bag can use the other end when the other zipper is damaged, without affecting the normal use of the bag, to prevent emergency situations when traveling out. 5. The double slider zipper design allows both ends of the bag to be pulled. If the bag does not have a lock, it can be pulled together and overlapped with a small lock, which not only maintains personal privacy, but also travels. Time also enhances the safety of luggage. The double-head zipper design makes the luggage more beautiful in appearance, and the details of the function have also improved a lot of convenience. Knowing so many advantages of the double-head zipper, do you have a better idea for the customization of luggage and gifts? Up? Hurry up and realize this high-quality detail point. case double slider zipper design customization
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