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The characteristics and problems of the luggage customization industry

by:Huide     2021-07-08
The luggage customization industry is different from any other industry. It has its own characteristics. The craftsmanship is relatively simple. The specific features are as follows. The editor will give you a detailed explanation. 1. The production process is relatively simple in the process of luggage customization; 2. The finished product has limited environmental pollution and the manufacturing is more environmentally friendly; 3. The customization of luggage is an intensive industry; 4. The scale of enterprises in the luggage industry is relatively small; 5. Market competition in the luggage industry The degree is relatively high; 6. The development of the fashionable international market is obvious.
Four major issues that need to be paid attention to when customizing luggage
, as an indispensable tool for modern people, is widely used in people's lives, and the market demand is also increasing. So, if you want to wholesale custom luggage, you need to pay attention to the following four major issues. 1. Clarify the price of luggage. The price of luggage customization is linked to its quality, but it does not mean that the price and quality are necessarily proportional. You cannot judge the good or bad by whether it is expensive or not. It is also necessary to judge the cost-effectiveness of the luggage duffel!   二, Clear effect design, luggage customization must pay attention to the design of the product LOGO and renderings, clear detailed renderings, and then proof against the design, and then design according to the effect, and the LOGO printing process has many formats, such as silk screen Printing, thermal transfer printing, etc.  3. It is necessary to clarify the construction period  The company is one of the three important elements of luggage customization, which is related to whether the manufacturer can complete the delivery on time, so when signing a written contract, it is necessary to clarify the relevant default clauses in the construction period and so on.  Four. Choosing a manufacturer   It is very important to choose a strong and credible manufacturer, which is related to the price, quality, and duration of the product. Rich experience in the luggage customization industry, not only has a professional Ru0026D and design team, but also skilled operators! If you are interested in customization, welcome to inquire!
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