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The choice of custom fabrics for summer camp schoolbags is exquisite

by:Huide     2021-08-20
In order to increase the promotion and publicity of its own brand and unify the overall style and image, the organizer of the summer camp will uniformly customize school bags to the students who sign up for the event. The uniform customized schoolbag represents the external image of the customization party. Furthermore, there will be more or less outdoor activities in the summer camp, which has higher requirements for the quality of the customized schoolbag. The schoolbag fabric is one of the basic guarantees for the quality of the schoolbag. You must be very particular about your choice. Let's listen to what the manufacturers say!    Good products are derived from good materials. Only when the right fabrics are selected for the schoolbags, the quality of the finished schoolbags will be more guaranteed. When choosing custom fabrics for summer camp schoolbags, everyone should pay attention to the following points:   1. Schoolbag fabrics have good wear-resistance and scratch-resistant performance. Schoolbags must be resistant to 'fabrication, If the wear-resisting and scratch-resistant performance is not good, just a thorn strip can scratch the schoolbag. The fabric with good wear-resistance and scratch-resistant performance will not be scratched even if it is scratched with a knife. Therefore, in order to guarantee the quality of the summer camp custom schoolbags, the fabric selection must first have good wear resistance and scratch resistance. 2. Schoolbag fabrics must have waterproof function. Outdoor activities are most afraid of the weather when turning faces faster than turning books. No one can change the weather, but we can make preparations in advance. Start with fabric selection and choose fabrics with a certain waterproof function. Even if it rains, there is no need to worry about the contents of the bag getting wet.  3, schoolbag fabrics must have a certain safety reflective function    during summer camp activities, ensuring the safety of participating students is the most important. The schoolbag customization chooses fabrics with a certain reflective function, which can reflect a certain brightness when participating in activities at night. When children are carrying schoolbags, they can remind others to avoid accidents. 4. The dye fastness of schoolbag fabrics is better. The dye fastness of fabrics means that the dyed fabric is subjected to external factors (extrusion, friction, washing, rain, exposure, light, seawater dipping, saliva dipping, water stains, etc.) during use or processing. , Sweat stains, etc.) The degree of fading under the action is an important indicator of the fabric. Fabrics with good dye fastness are not easy to fade during use, and bad fabrics melt when exposed to water, and the color shifting is very serious. The same is true for schoolbag fabrics. If you choose an age with poor dye fastness, the whole clothes will be dyed when you sweat on the back of the schoolbag in summer, not to mention the large areas of fading during the washing process. . Therefore, when choosing fabrics for school bags, the color fastness must be good. The choice of custom fabrics for summer camp schoolbags is related to the quality of the finished schoolbags and the brand image of the summer camp. Customization must not be taken carelessly. No matter which fabric you choose, you can refer to the above factors and choose the right one according to budget, style design, etc. Fabric.
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