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The design of backpack custom have?

by:Huide     2020-07-01

custom manufacturer for backpack, backpack can custom design more again. By the hand of the bag manufacturer edition division using a wide variety of materials, different ways of combining can customize all kinds of backpack, backpack for bag factory style difference between boundaries is not so clear. Perhaps too much so you can do as long as the client demand backpack manufacturers are not limited by design. However, for the demand side, that is, the client side to backpack style of cognition is not like this. For example, they might think one shoulder bag and backpack has the nature of the difference between how can have in a bag factory production come out. Today we have to parse the backpack style classification for everyone.

backpack custom: this is one of the most common in the backpack custom, usually more common in the corporate clients. Is the custom for this unit staff welfare gift bag, usually all the more to computer backpack backpack design, business backpack to give priority to. Applicable people most are white-collar workers and the company all kinds of business team personnel. Or is used to maintain the guest relations freely to enterprise customers to use. Again or be at the scene of the conference as a helper the ritual participants use.

of course, part of the enterprise custom backpack is custom OEM or ODM ways as the company's products after purchasing foreign sales. Custom design is also often appear this backpack categories.

tool backpack equipment bags custom: tool backpack customization is a kind of niche customization, of course, is not to say that this kit customization fewer, but is less common in the presence of ordinary consumers. Especially the equipment bags custom. Tool backpack customize this mainly tools production enterprise or unit according to their own products to customized backpack, backpack and equipment are often all kinds of instrument equipment manufacturers for their instrumentation products tailored backpack. Usually this kind of backpack backpack around communication equipments, breathing machine bag, backpack, medical equipment special tool backpack, special package of electronic products, instruments and meters backpack and so on.

children backpack custom: children backpack custom because according to the particularity of the crowd, a variety of children's backpack difference is very big. Because children and adults is different, different age stages with different sizes, so children's backpack is to distinguish the different models of size. So often children backpack custom usually look at what age children for customization. Children of different ages knapsack cannot treat as the same with different custom requirements. Such as children under the age of 3 backpack belong to a decorative bags, the bags as long as it is good to watch cartoon, really don't need to pack what things. The 3 - 5-year-old children backpack custom size is often no more than 30 x 20 cm, the size of the backpack need cute enough. And children over the age of six basic elementary school, the bags custom will need to consider the necessities to cheng fang is still needed, itself is not too heavy, after all, is the child back!

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