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The design points of pc trolley case manufacturers are customized manufacturers

by:Huide     2021-08-25
The PC trolley case is a fashionable item that is popular all over the world. Its characteristics are simple, stylish and variability. The flexibility, crispness and waterproofness of the PC case make it stand out in the luggage industry. How do you say it? Celebrity star in Airports are always PC boxes, fashionistas are always on business trips and street photography are PC boxes, even business gifts are custom-made PC boxes for customers and employees, how do you choose a PC trolley box manufacturer? Look at the design concept of the trolley case manufacturer for the PC case. For example, backpack manufacturers have their own set of design points for PC trolley cases. The following shows you the design points of PC cases:   1, the choice of materials for PC cases. The PC box material is divided into three or six nine grades. The lightest and thinnest material among the PC materials is selected, which has super flexibility and three resistances (compression, drop and impact resistance), and can withstand high temperatures and cold. According to official information, the material of the PC trolley case can guarantee no problem in the temperature range of -40 to 100. If the PC trolley case is stained with stolen goods, wipe it with a cloth soaked in water and it will look as clean as new.  2, PC box chooses lining. The PC box is made of high-grade lattice system and nylon material, which is strong, dirt-resistant and wear-resistant. There are straps and compartments to stabilize your storage items and satisfy your storage of various items. The user-friendly zipper design not only facilitates the classification and placement of items, but also checks the service life of the built-in rod at all times.  3, the wheels of the PC box. The wheels are 360-degree universal silent wheels. The so-called silent wheel is actually a precision bearing on the inner shaft of the wheel, which reduces the amplitude and gap when the wheel swings, and greatly reduces the noise. There is also a silent wheel that uses a soft silicone rubber on the outer diameter of the wheel to reduce the collision sound of the wheel and the ground. The wheel is made of very sufficient material, has strong abrasion resistance, and is very durable. There is no need to worry about wheel problems on extremely harsh roads, and it can be pulled up smoothly, silently, and rotated at will.  4. The handle design of the PC box. The handle design material is PP plastic + metal, which feels great! With the metal inner buckle technology, the side handle can bear a weight of 50kg. 500-3000 times of continuous pulling test, no break, no aging.   5. The open cover design of the PC box. There are two options for the open cover design of the PC box. The first is to use a zipper opening, the ordinary is SBS zipper, and the grade is YKK zipper configuration; the second is aluminum alloy opening, which is waterproof, moisture-proof, strong anti-theft, and higher security.  Pc trolley case manufacturer’s design points are listed above for you.

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