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The Development Trend of Luggage Gift Promotion

by:Huide     2021-06-08
In recent years, as the demand for luggage and bags has accelerated, the development of luggage promotion in the gift industry has also been accelerating, providing merchants with many choices. The development trend has always been in continuous growth, continuous updating, and continuous subversion of the traditional luggage design concept, the so-called wave before and after wave.   Generally speaking, the role of promotional items can be divided into two types, one is to induce customers to repeat purchases, and the other is to cater to customers' habit of greedy petty and cheap to stimulate their purchase impulse. Many major customer buyers have certain strengths. Their demand for luggage promotion and the degree of innovation in promotional gifts are more demanding. However, most of the current small and medium-sized luggage companies do not have the strength in this area, which allows a small number of innovative luggage promotion companies to occupy. In today's fierce competition, most companies are paying more and more attention to brands. In terms of corporate procurement, they also pay great attention to the brand of luggage and promotional gifts, which can match their own brands. Therefore, more companies are willing to choose branded luggage promotion. We see that domestic Companies are beginning to realize the important competitive role of brands in the luggage market. In addition to considering the price index, the purchaser also pays great attention to the product planning ability of luggage promotion. Only with creativity and good service can we win more and larger purchase orders for bags and promotional gifts.   Finally, luggage promotion is not the more expensive the better, but the more customers love the better. It is a professional luggage customization enterprise integrating product design, development, production, processing, and sales. In 2004, it set foot in the field of customized luggage processing and served many international well-known brands. For 12 years, it has been in the field of luggage customization, whether it is OEM or ODM. , Are committed to providing customers with high-quality customized services, on time and quality delivery!
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