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The difference between a shoulder bag and a messenger bag

by:Huide     2021-07-26
The trendy men and women who come and go on the street, or men and women in the workplace, are indispensable with a backpack, and the shoulder bag appears most frequently. Perhaps many people will be entangled, whether it is called a shoulder bag or a messenger bag, and what is the difference between them? The following editor will tell you together. Brief introduction of a shoulder bag and messenger bag. The shoulder bag is the favorite of women. The simple left and right shoulder carry makes women become intellectual and exudes a strong professional aura. The one shoulder carry makes the girl more mature and more mature. It is calm, and the same is true for men. A cowhide one-shoulder backpack makes the boy more mature and stable, and the overall is organized and clean. The    messenger bag is a small representative of leisure bags. It is generally used in outdoor activities such as mountain climbing. In addition to the backpack, the second is the messenger bag. Because the messenger makes the whole body relaxed and comfortable, people usually like to carry it when going out to play. The messenger bag pays attention to the storage function, and has great requirements for the stretchability of the bag body, so the material used is generally nylon, canvas and other fabrics. Two shoulder bags and messenger bags are different. Shoulder bags have long shoulder straps, and there are also wide handles single shoulder bags; long shoulder bags are designed to be more stylish and overall than messenger bags. Texture effect, so leather is generally used in the material, which is more textured. Women's shoulder bags generally have shoulder straps that are not wider than 5CM, but men's are the exception; shoulder bags are usually small and without a hand, and can be used together with one shoulder and a crossbody. The messenger bag is different from the shoulder bag in design. The messenger bag generally has three types of backpacks: crossbody, one shoulder and hand-held. The hand-held design will be reinforced twice to ensure durability; because the crossbody bag is a casual type, Therefore, the design of the bag body is larger than that of a shoulder bag, and all the available positions of the bag body are made into storage. It is a bag that emphasizes practicality.
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