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The layout of the luggage customization process

by:Huide     2021-06-07
Layout is the technical work of the cutting work, which can save raw materials for the cutting work. Generally, in a set of paper grids, the sizes of the paper grids are different, and there is always a fixed width data for the specifications of the raw materials, generally there are 4 widths of 54 inches, 56 inches, 58 inches, and 60 inches. A width of a paper grid often has X pieces in rows and X+1 pieces in excess rows. In order to save raw materials, we also arrange a small paper grid to make full use of the raw materials by using the remaining raw materials of X blocks.  In general, the following rules must be followed:   1. Arrange the large paper grids first, and then arrange the small paper grids later.   Second, the layout should consider the surface pattern and inner texture of the raw material.  The surface pattern is placed in front, oblique, horizontal, and upside down, and the paper grid should also be placed in front, oblique, and inverted. The inner texture of the raw materials of handbags, especially genuine leather, is divided into horizontal and straight lines. Grasp the two ends of the raw material and stretch it with your hands. The ones with stretching force are horizontal lines; those with no stretching force are straight lines.  The horizontal pattern has a strong refolding force, and the flaps, handles, and straps that need to be oscillated from time to time should be arranged according to the horizontal pattern. Straight grain has strong supporting force, can withstand squeezing without deformation. The front and rear panels and most components should be laid out according to the straight grain. The horizontal grain may become longer during the car, but the straight grain will not , Pay special attention.
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