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The name of the part on the bag is called the professional term

by:Huide     2021-06-29
Luggage is closely related to our life and work. Whether it is a business trip, leisure trip, or shopping on the street, we cannot do without bags. We will use them as large as trolley duffel cases, small handbags, coin bags, card holders, etc. Bags. As an ordinary consumer, what you care about is the style, function, price and other information of the bag, but for those who professionally purchase and need to customize the bag, in addition to these basic information, you want to customize it to high-quality and low-cost. For bags, you must master common sense related to these professions. In order to communicate more accurately and achieve the ideal effect of customized bags. So the editor specially sorted out the professional terminology of the part names on these bags, to learn and share with you. Front panel and back panel: generally refer to the parts of the front and back of the luggage, also called the front panel and the back panel. Body: Front panel, back panel connected to the bottom part. Plug: a three-dimensional structure formed by the side parts of the bag and the bottom of the bag, also called side piece, horizontal head, and side wall. Large body circumference: The side plug and the bottom are connected as one part. Side circumference: the side part that forms the big body circumference. Bottom circumference: the bottom part of the big body circumference. Skinning: decorative parts on the package body. Including: top sticker, middle sticker, bottom sticker, side sticker, cover sticker, corner sticker, inner sticker, bottom sticker, etc. As a professional manufacturer of customized luggage, it has 11 years of experience in luggage customization, free design and proofing according to corporate needs, pursuit of perfect workmanship, and provide quality services. Bottom stickers: bag bottom, bag bottom. Inside stickers: the internal corresponding objects of various packages. Zipper stickers: one or two pieces of leather-attached parts for sewing a zipper. Big body sticker: Big body sticker is a three-dimensional part that is produced when the structure shrinks into a circle from the front and back outlines. It can form different levels of effects. One piece or two pieces are called big body stickers, and three pieces are called big body stickers. Body side wall stickers and body ground stickers. Horizontal head wrap: A small skinned part with a three-dimensional structure formed by independent side parts that penetrate into the body a little. Today, let's talk about the terminology of the names of the parts on the luggage. Of course, there are a lot of professionals, experts and scholars in the luggage industry. I will organize some more later and continue to learn from you.
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