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The objective factors in the process of custom bags

by:Huide     2020-07-12

in the enterprise custom backpack procurement share only as a main part of the project purchasing, so many enterprises procurement staff don't know this backpack order what is the objective factors. Let locate the bag manufacturer gives some analysis and suggestion:

inquiry can only be used as a reference picture:

the price is the main factor of enterprise procurement staff attention to customize the backpack, a lot of time with an image of a backpack or design renderings and manufacturer for inquiry price comparison, actually this is not a accurate accounting prices of products, factory sales people with pictures can only estimate not accurate calculation, so the sales personnel also dare not to worry order across the proofing process orders directly. Because only after proofing master template according to the raw material and process cost accounting to make accurate cost and price. So do proofing is not only the manufacturers of goods, a necessary process should also is the essential process of enterprise procurement.

proofing quality on behalf of the manufacturer of custom professional degree:

proofing backpack is the same as the original basic procurement process very professional manufacturer on behalf of the manufacturer, after all in the bag material market both in the same fabric material, fittings is not casually can deserve to go up, this needs a professional manufacturer of shop staff have depth knowledge of material channels to do, in fact, only these are not enough, need has the technique excellent version to made a good sample. So proofing is very accurate manufacturer, please don't give up, after all, few service custom bag manufacturer professional.

the production time and the time limit for a project:

as most equipment manufacturers the most willing to production order is order and repeat order for a long time, due to long-term order backpack all finish purchasing raw materials has been established the procurement standards, according to the purchasing process will not be wrong. All the production have some curing process and technology, the production and inspection process has been completely through the adaptation period, to get rid of all production problems early. Everything is in accordance with the process, so that production period can be accurate budget. If a new style of backpack must face when making workers to adapt to the production efficiency is low, during all process and procedures need to be established and adapt. Including handling sudden problems inevitably in the new production also need time to deal with. Objectively speaking is often the time limit for a project on these problems result in the error and continue. Enterprise procurement staff in new style custom orders under the condition of the time tension must be handled cautiously. No matter how purchase pressure, should set aside enough time for yourself.

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