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The principle of perfect bag design form must follow

by:Huide     2021-07-29
Beautiful things generally have a sense of order and unity. The Greeks believed that the unity of harmony was the main reason for beauty, and only the beauty of harmony was the unity of diversity. German philosopher, experimental psychologist, and physicist Fechner summarized the principles of stylist beauty into the following nine items: 1. Repetition and Alternation In bag design, the repeated appearance of the same colors and patterns will produce a sense of order and unity. The same element appears twice or more to become a means of emphasizing the object, and this means is called repetition. When two or more elements are repeated in turn, it is called alternation. When the repeated interval is too close, it will form a feeling of assimilation, when the interval is too far, it will appear thin. Therefore, to keep this change and connection, you should pay attention to the appropriate distance of the repeated interval. 2. Rhythm Rhythm originally refers to the phenomenon of regular strength and shortness of music alternately. Rhythm in bag design refers to the visual pleasure produced by the repeated appearance of the same or similar forms according to a certain rule. Any clothing design with a sense of rhythm will give people a strong sense of order and rhythm beauty. The specific performance of the online rhythm includes length, thickness, virtual reality, undulation, density, and straightness. Vertical and horizontal etc. The rhythm of the shape, including size, radius, virtual reality, chain, inside and outside, etc. The rhythm of color, including contrast of intensity, contrast of strength and weakness, contrast of brightness, contrast of purity, contrast of cold and warm, contrast of black and white levels, etc. 3. Gradual Gradient Gradient is a kind of increasing or decreasing change, as long as it changes gradually in a certain order. Can show the beautiful effect. Gradient is mainly manifested in the pattern or color of the fabric and the changes in ingredients and color or size. 4. Proportion Proportion means the relationship between the number of the same kind and the number of credits. There is a sense of contrast when comparing. Proportion refers to the ratio of the size of the object to the length of the object. It's a vocabulary about volume. Without proportion, harmony and unity will be lost. 5. Symmetry Symmetry has a uniform, stable, and solemn form of beauty. Therefore, clothing and bags in life are mostly symmetrical. In order to overcome the disadvantages of rigidity and restraint, the design is symmetrical and slightly changed at the same time. Logos and so on can be added. Both can play a regulatory role. 6. Balance The state where two or more elements are in equilibrium with each other is called balance. The balance of styles of clothing bags often appears in the form of diagonal lines. That is the echo of the lower left corner and the upper right corner. For example, if there is too much decoration in the lower left corner, the weight will feel heavy, and there must be a corresponding factor in the upper right corner to play a stabilizing effect. Otherwise, there will be a feeling of side condition. Balance is generally divided into left and right balance, up and down balance and front and back balance. 7. Contrast Contrast is the basic law of visual AP that achieves vivid and harmonious visual composition of clothing styles. Contrast is a high fruit. If you use too much. There will be a lack of unity, so we should pursue changes in contrast under the premise of unity. Fully grasp the relationship between dominance and subordination. 8. Harmony Harmony is generally divided into the harmony of the form and the color of the brush. The harmony of the form is first of all the unity of the form and nature. Like a round shape. At the same time appear on the front panel, side wall or handle of the bag. The harmony of colors includes the harmony of column colors, the harmony of monotone, and the harmony on the equivalent color wheel. Complementary tone sum and non-complementary tone sum, etc. 9. Domination, Subordination, and Unity The content of any piece of art cannot be average, and there are major and minor parts. The main part governs the changes of the minor part, and the minor part contrasts and foils the main part.
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