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The quality of the student trolley bag and the correct use method

by:Huide     2021-09-26
At the beginning of the new semester, in addition to the popular sales of regular school supplies, there is also another schoolbag popular among students, that is, the student trolley bag that has been discussed. Because the student trolley bag is beautiful in appearance and easy to use, it is welcomed by many children and parents. However, many primary school principals in Jinan do not advocate the use of trolley boxes for primary school students, believing that on the one hand, it will create competition among students, and on the other hand, it will not help students develop good living habits. There are also some elementary school principals in Jinan about whether trolley bags should appear on the campus. They all say 'no objection or advocacy'. I can often see many students on the road after school, most of whom are still bent over with their schoolbags. Medical experts have shown that long-term use of overweight backpacks can easily cause children with spine dysplasia, hunched over, short stature, and chicken breasts. Heavy backpacks are also prone to study weariness for children. That's why the trolley schoolbag came into being. In fact, what parents worry about is that their children will develop vanity, it is inconvenient to go upstairs in school, and it is not safe to cross the road that affect their children's physical growth. Now this problem has been solved. The current trolley bag can be used as a backpack and a trolley bag. You can use the trolley when you are tired, and you can carry it when you are tired. Generally, the most suitable group is elementary school students, and the size of the foldable trolley bag is more suitable for elementary school students. If you are concerned about the growth of your child, you must learn to use the student trolley bag correctly. The following are the correct ways for children to use the student trolley bag. 1. To use a trolley school bag, it takes a long time to change both arms to pull, which not only exercises the body, but also trains the coordination ability of the body. If you feel tired from pulling, you can choose a foldable trolley school bag to turn the trolley school bag into a backpack. 2. When going upstairs, do not forcibly drag the trolley schoolbag. The best way is to press the trolley of the schoolbag in and hold it in your hand, or if you buy a detachable trolley schoolbag, you should carry the schoolbag up and down the stairs , So as not to hurt other children. 3. The biggest advantage of the trolley bag is that it has strong waterproof function, but if it rains, it is best to use professional waterproofing and not cover it. Give my dear schoolbag an 'umbrella' to prevent him from getting wet. Backpacks and trolley duffel bags, what are the parents worried about. The school can customize the trolley school bag so that all students can use the trolley duffel school bag.
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