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The six main parts of the luggage structure and professional terms

by:Huide     2021-07-07
There are many people who use luggage, but there are a few who know something about luggage duffel. As a consumer, it is also very good to have a certain understanding of luggage. Then let’s get to know the six most important ones in the luggage. The part structure and its professional terminology.  1. Shoulder strap (handle): The shoulder strap is a 'hook' connected to the body of the bag. Generally, it bears a relatively large gravity and has a high probability of damage. Therefore, the shoulder strap needs to be reinforced and sewn when making it.   2. Pocket zipper: Zipper is generally composed of zipper, slider and pull card, and the two sides of the zipper are generally made of nylon fabric, and the main form of zipper in the middle is glue and metal.  3. Bag body: The main component of the bag body is the fabric structure. Generally, the fabric of the bag body has main materials and ingredients. The structure is generally the front panel, the back panel and the side panel, as well as the design of the insert pocket, cover and so on. 4. Fabric: There are many kinds of fabrics for making luggage, such as fabric, leather, plastic, etc., and fabric fabrics include nylon, polyester, canvas, cotton, etc., leather includes natural leather and synthetic leather, and plastic PC, PVC, PP, etc.  . Hardware accessories: Hardware uses a lot of materials on luggage, and hardware generally has two types of 'iron wire' and 'alloy'. The easiest way to distinguish between these two materials is to use magnets. 6. Thread (car thread): The car thread is the material used for the outer stitching of the body. Generally, 20# thick nylon thread is used, and 40# thinner nylon thread is used inside, and the inner lining is selected. Cotton thread.  The six main parts of the luggage structure and technical terms are briefly introduced here. If you want to learn more about luggage production or luggage related knowledge, you can directly enter the official website to check or consult customer service!
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