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The size requirements that need to be paid attention to when customizing aviation trolley cases

by:Huide     2021-06-18
I don’t know if you understand the requirements for custom size of aviation trolley cases? Today, the editor will share with you the requirements for the custom size of the aviation trolley case. According to the regulations of the relevant departments, the weight of the unchecked baggage carried by each passenger into the cabin cannot exceed 5 kg, and the sum of the three sides cannot exceed 115 cm. , And can be placed under the luggage compartment or seat in the cabin. Carry-on items refer to the scattered and small items that the passenger has agreed to carry on the plane by the flight company. The weight of carry-on items is limited to 5 kg per passenger. The volume of each carry-on item shall not exceed 20*40*55 cm: carry-on items exceeding the above-mentioned weight, number or volume limits should be checked as checked baggage. Passengers with first-class tickets can carry two items with them; passengers with business class or economy class tickets can only carry one item with them. Passengers are not allowed to carry controlled knives on the plane. Through the above introduction, I think everyone has a good understanding of the size requirements of aviation trolley duffel case customization. For more relevant information, please pay more attention to our official website in the future.
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