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The something in the bag manufacturers, rounding the customization process

by:Huide     2020-07-03

backpack production technology and process what is? Groups customized bag need to know about these? Today let small make up a readout of the other people all don't say those backpacks. In custom backpack customer's eyes, bags production should be like ps mapping activities backpack came out, it really is not the case, the making process of the whole backpack is quite complicated, at least than ordinary garment processing or a lot more complicated. Backpack production has its own unique technology and tinkering, machining process.

in the bag made from mining materials and cutting material process can realize the backpack production complex degree, if it is a complex computer bag to customize its parts material piece of no less than dozens of pieces. Even a complex outdoor sports backpack will by the hundreds of pieces of more than splicing assembled parts. So the hard to avoid in the process of production without process.

in general backpack to make whole process is like this: from the material - —> Proofing - —> Set the sample - —> Preparation - —> Operation mode - —> Acquisition -- —> Stamping ( The laser) Cutting material - —> Printed sheets ( Embroidery) — —> Sewing - —> Or the charter seam - —> Testing - —> Packaging - —> Warehousing - —> Delivery the overall flow.

but sewing is divided into: before sewing, sewing material, filler in xujiaweizi, sewing sewing, sewing side pocket, sewing accessories ( Shoulder straps, belts, TieDou) , assembly parts, pull head, after sewing piece installation, high car or the whole package, etc. , each process inside a few small process flow, too professional is not enough to describe the words, and help to the demand side is don't have much ink.

there are even some special process not pack each style can use: for example, stick a skin, composite, oil, and toolkits commonly used washing processing, glue, rivet, smoke board, stamping forming, spraying, etc.

so real a backpack and we are need to go larger intact process to come out, the average backpack production are all have their own time limit, of course, according to the quantity of your custom size has some influence in different time periods. In general the most influence period directly or process.

if you are an enterprise need to customize the backpack, don't know whether the above the pile is introduced to see some brain burning, may also be a handful of content you can't see, but I believe that you at least understand a problem, that is to customize a satisfactory personalized backpack, is the need to give yourself enough time to complete, because it really don't want to online shopping, as long as the single can wait for three days the arrival of the goods.

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