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The summer is approaching, when the schoolbags are ready

by:Huide     2021-07-29
Summer is the peak season for customized schoolbags. To ensure that children can receive schoolbags when the new semester begins, customers who need customized schoolbags should hurry up. Customizing schoolbags requires a certain period of time, plus logistics time, so prepare in advance It’s very important. Let’s introduce a few best-selling schoolbags. Let’s take a look. 1. The logo of the large-capacity double-shoulder student schoolbag schoolbag is printed with silk-screen color, which has a simple and artistic atmosphere; the material is made of 420D twill nylon material, which feels delicate and comfortable; the back panel is made of sandwich high-elastic mesh material to achieve high-strength ventilation and back compression The effect makes it easier for children to carry. In the design of internal storage, the front main pocket, main storage bag and side double-slot pockets are customized, which makes the multi-directional storage design more convenient. 2. Multi-functional spine protection, lightening student schoolbags, schoolbags are designed with EVA three-dimensional molded spine protection backboard design, which can effectively relieve the pressure on the back when carrying it. The front panel adopts a large area of u200bu200bsafety reflective cursor and PVC logo frame, which plays a role of safety protection and effective identification. effect. Side bag design One side is a water cup mesh bag, one side is a three-dimensional zipper bag, which is convenient for accessing some commonly used small items. The bag has large body space and abundant compartments. A functional school bag with strong storage and safety protection is ordered. 3. Printed grid stitching schoolbag. This aristocratic British style ultra-light spine-protecting schoolbag is designed according to the requirements of the college style. It is matched with contrasting colors. The fabric is strictly selected and has the characteristics of waterproof, wear-resistant, tear-resistant, non-toxic and harmless. . In addition, the back panel is designed for comfort, breathability, and ridge protection. The functional design is very suitable for the use of students (grades 1-6).  Schoolbags are customized, please be sure. All schoolbags are produced according to customer needs. After the style is selected, the school’s name, LOGO, mascot, phone number, address, etc. can be printed on the schoolbag. The school bags customized by the manufacturer belong only to your school. They are fully personalized and are a flowing landscape of the school! The school can distribute the school bags as gifts to children in the new semester, or use the school bags as gifts for enrollment registration. If you need them, you can consult Xiaobian.
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