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The technical method of buying trolley bags

by:Huide     2021-05-22
The technical method of buying trolley bags, travel bag customization 1. The box surface is smooth and you can't feel any arches and bulges when you touch the box surface. Except for design requirements, you can't see any artificial seams and exposed edges. Travel bag customization . 2. The inside and the outside are the same No matter what kind of material (leather or textile) this trolley bag is, the color of the box should be coordinated inside and outside, just right. And the stitches at the seams of the lining are fine and orderly, without disorder and not sparse. 3. Hardware decoration needs to be researched. The design of the trolley case always takes its fashion elements into consideration, and the designer always uses some hardware decoration as a custom-made travel bag for the case surface. 4. The stitches of the thread are just right. The splicing of the box requires glue and thread. Whether it is an open or dark thread, it is a basic requirement that the thread is not exposed. In addition, it depends on whether the stitches are sparsely dense and well-proportioned, the length is the same, and the places that are difficult to pay attention to Check whether the wiring is in place, and pay attention to whether the position of the thread ends is likely to cause bagging and cracking. 5. The glue must be firmly bonded. The box body requires glue and thread. When you check the box, you can pull some parts on purpose. Don't neglect its sturdy travel bag customization because of some novel and fashionable decorations.
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