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The unknown proofing process in luggage customization

by:Huide     2021-06-22
Luggage customization is a customized brand customized luggage service that every company can enjoy. It can help companies promote their own brand in disguise, with low cost and high response, and the promotion effect is strong. Therefore, shaping the effect of high-quality brand luggage is the basis, so choose Good brand customized luggage manufacturers are the top priority. Companies choose luggage manufacturers to shop around, and luggage proofing is the first threshold for comparison. Then how to identify the quality of luggage proofing, and reveal the unknown proofing process in luggage customization.  1: When the luggage proofing is out of design and patterning, we must first figure out what material is used to make this model. Usually the luggage' target='_blank'>backpack manufacturers will choose the materials according to the requirements of the enterprise, and the materials are generally nylon, canvas, cowhide and so on. It is important to know that when different materials are used to make bags and handbags, the methods of special proofing are different, or some raw materials are simply not suitable for making bags and handbags with certain structures and processes. For example, if you want to use very hard materials to make discounted bags, it is obviously not suitable. At this time, the manufacturer's cardboard master's ability to judge materials and special cardboard skills will be tested.   Two: When the luggage proofing is out of design and patterning, the size and shape of the luggage must be set at this time. The size and shape of the luggage are provided by the customer, and then the paper grid master analyzes whether the luggage structure is reasonable according to the demand, and accurately customizes the appearance of the luggage corresponding to the demand based on experience. Three: When the luggage proofing is out of the standard design and patterning, if the above two points are done, it is necessary to decide what kind of craft should be used according to the materials of the luggage, of course, it also depends on the style and route of the luggage. Up. The manufacturer’s bag style design is to allow the designer to directly communicate with the company to confirm the design sample, and then let the master make a draft based on the design sample. At this time, check the bag details and overall drawing.  Four: When the luggage proofing handbag is out of the standard design, after clarifying the above three points, then the structure of the luggage and handbag can be determined, that is, we often say that the luggage is out of standard. That is to say: a bag is composed of several plate materials, and the finished bag is determined through the relevant process. At this time, we need to check the overall sewing process of the bag, the arc and the treatment of the discount.   Five: The fifth step of making a special design for the luggage, then you should determine the color matching of the luggage and handbag. Color design is inseparable from any product. The same is true for luggage and handbags. Generally speaking, the front and back of luggage and handbags are the main material color, and the bottom and inner stickers, and zipper stickers are all the ingredients color, etc., among which the general ingredients The color is darker than the color of the main ingredient.   After completing the above five proofing processes, a perfect bag is released. The above is the proofing process presented for you. When companies get the proofing bags, they must remember the first impression, and then put the bags of each manufacturer together, compare their texture, beauty and details according to the above five points, and basically confirm that the one is the most suitable for you. Of luggage manufacturers.
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