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The world's top fashion luxury luggage brand custom manufacturer

by:Huide     2021-05-25
When it comes to the world's top fashion and luxury luggage brands, the first reaction is that it is the stuff of the rich, but as those who pursue it, it is the luggage that we can take away in the future even if we don't agree with it. So, let's take you to know the world's top fashion luxury luggage brands, and at the same time to appreciate their LOGO design style.  1, LV, this fashion brand luggage named after the initials of Louis Vuitton, is a French exclusive high-end luxury goods. As the world's top luggage brand, its style and design are also the world's top. Even if it is an imitation product, the quality is very good.  2, Chanel, the Chinese name is Chanel, and it is also a French luxury brand. As the world's top brand, its products have many types. The most familiar one should be Chanel's perfume, but its bags are also famous in the world for their quality.  3. Armani, Armani is a world-renowned fashion brand. Its luggage depends on the support of its brand and the quality of the luggage produced by Armani has opened the door of the world luggage brand.  4. Prada, Prada is an Italian luxury luggage brand. With its high-quality leather and fashionable design, it is deeply loved and sought after by the royal family and the upper class, thus making it a place in the world's top luxury luggage brand.  5. Coach, Coates is a fashionable luxury luggage brand from the United States. Its luggage is inspired by durable baseball gloves, using superb technology and high-end quality to create the world's top fashionable luxury luggage brand.   The world is so big, there are also many top fashion luxury luggage brands in the world. Although these brand bags are a guarantee of quality, they cannot meet individual needs.

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