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These details of backpack customization cannot be overlooked

by:Huide     2021-06-05
As the saying goes, details determine success or failure. When customizing backpacks, many people will pay too much attention to backpack styles, materials, colors and other aspects, but ignore the attention to details such as backpack zippers, hardware accessories, handles, etc., resulting in the final product. The quality of the finished product is also unsatisfactory. Therefore, these details cannot be overlooked when customizing the backpack. Next, let's take a look at the specific introduction. 1. Backpack zipper part The zipper of the backpack is an important part of the quality of the backpack. The quality of the zipper is not good, which directly affects the use of the backpack. The zipper is composed of chain cloth, chain teeth and pull tabs. The thicker the zipper chain cloth, the better the chain teeth. The denser the better. 2. Backpack handle Part of the backpack handle provides convenience for the diversified use of the backpack, and there are many kinds of handle materials, the common ones are nylon, polyester handle and aluminum alloy handle. The material requirements of the handle are Strong force, of course, apart from the material, the stitch reinforcement on both sides of the handle can also improve its durability. 3. No matter how high-end backpack hardware accessories are, if the hardware accessories are of poor quality, faded, rusted or fall off directly, it will directly reduce the grade of the backpack by a large amount, and it will also affect the user's daily collocation. Therefore, When customizing the backpack, the hardware accessories should not be sloppy.  4. Backpack logo part    The choice of logo craftsmanship is one of the important aspects of custom backpack. Choosing the right logo craftsmanship can complement the backpack style. If you choose the wrong one, the overall image of the backpack will be greatly reduced. Backpack LOGO generally has metal mold opening, silk screen printing, offset printing and embroidery, etc. Metal mold opening is generous and decent, silk screen and embroidery are classical and elegant, and offset printing is simple and simple. Each process has its own style. We can choose according to different activity themes. Suitable craft.
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