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These points of toolkit customization cannot be ignored

by:Huide     2021-05-31
Recently, I have received many inquiries about toolkit customization from customers, but through a series of communications, I found that many customers are not very familiar with the issues related to toolkit customization. Therefore, today the manufacturer will tell you about the toolkit customization. Let's learn about the points that can't be ignored. 1. Is there a reference model? This reference model can be a sample package or similar sample, or a design drawing, etc. The customized toolkit is one-to-one exclusive customization based on the relevant tool style. If the customer does not have a reference model, Then you have to find a professional toolkit manufacturer for related design customization, and the design involves design costs and other issues. Therefore, if the customer wants to customize the toolkit, it is best to find a reference model in advance, so that When the manufacturer communicates, it will also save a lot of unnecessary trouble. 2. The minimum order quantity should be understood in advance that most tool kits are more difficult to make than ordinary backpacks. Therefore, many manufacturers will increase the minimum order quantity of the tool kits in order to save costs. If the customer's minimum order quantity cannot be reached, the manufacturer Generally, they choose not to take orders, and the number of customized toolkits for most customers is not large. Therefore, understand the manufacturer’s minimum order quantity in the early stage of communication, so as not to negotiate everything, and ultimately cause the cooperation between the two parties to fail due to quantitative reasons. This is also considered in order not to waste the energy of both parties. 3. The budget should be well planned. Customers should have a good idea in advance. When consulting the manufacturer, they can tell the manufacturer what their budget is, so that the manufacturer can recommend suitable materials and materials according to the customer’s budget. Relevant materials, or timely reply to customers whether they can produce customized toolkits within the prescribed budget, etc.   4. Ordering toolkits after communication is completely correct is much more complicated than other backpacks. Therefore, in the early stage , We must communicate with the luggage manufacturer over and over and confirm the relevant details. After proofing and inspection until there are no problems with both parties, we can place an order for production, so as to avoid loss due to improper communication at that time and the tool kit is unrealistic. Big. Find a professional toolkit custom manufacturer to make a toolkit, look for it, and for more than ten years since its establishment, it has been focusing on the Ru0026D, design and production of customized luggage. It not only has enough ability to customize professional toolkit products for customers, but also We can develop and design more cost-effective tool kits for customers. Strength custom manufacturers, look for it!
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