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Things to pay attention to when looking for a custom luggage factory

by:Huide     2021-05-20
Many customers who have custom luggage requirements, when customizing luggage, they find some professional foundry for processing and production, which can save a lot of unnecessary trouble. After all, it is impossible to build a batch of luggage because of customizing. A factory. Our country is a big country of luggage production, and there are countless various luggage foundries. Below, the manufacturers will tell you what to pay attention to when looking for a custom luggage foundry. Let's take a look. 1. Find the right and accurate manufacturer luggage custom foundries can be divided into box foundries and bag foundries according to material characteristics. You must know that the craftsmanship between making boxes and making bags is very different. Manufacturers who make boxes do not mean they can make bags. Manufacturers who can make bags do not mean they can make boxes. Therefore, when looking for a bag manufacturer, you must communicate carefully. Don't want to make a bag but find a box manufacturer. As the saying goes, there are specialties in the technical industry, and only the quality of products made by professional manufacturers can satisfy customers and rest assured. Therefore, when looking for a foundry, you must pay attention to finding the right manufacturer. 2. Pay attention to the social progress of customized quantity, and the luggage industry is also developing to a higher level. Many small workshops with backward productivity or related standards are gradually banned, leaving behind some factories with excellent production technology and relatively large scale. In order to save production costs, these large factories have relatively high requirements for MOQ. Take Guangzhou as an example. Most manufacturers have MOQs above 300. The reason why luggage manufacturers stipulate MOQs is often Based on the consideration of saving production costs, it is necessary to know that a list is next, the manufacturer has to prepare proofing, the purchase of fabrics and accessories, the production of bulk goods, etc. The procedures and processes during the period are very complicated. , Energy, etc. have not decreased with the decrease in quantity. In comparison, the overall production cost of the manufacturer is not cost-effective. Therefore, considering the cost, the manufacturer will choose not to accept the order if the number of customization is small. Therefore, if the customer customizes the luggage, pay attention to the customized quantity, so as not to find the manufacturer because the quantity is too small. 3. Verifying the true strength of the factory In the Internet era, when people look for foundries, they like to search for relevant information on the Internet, but the information on the Internet is difficult to distinguish, and you can’t see the true strength of the manufacturers. Therefore, they are looking for backpack foundries. At the time, you can search the Internet first, then find a few companies you like, compare them, and then choose the manufacturer you want to conduct on-site inspections. If you don’t conduct on-site inspections, you can also choose to make the manufacturer proof. The proofing is a direct test of the manufacturer. A key step of the real technology, if the manufacturer can't even make proofs, you don't need to expect the factory to produce good products. Therefore, before placing an order, the manufacturer must be required to make a sample to avoid cheating.

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