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This paper bag manufacturer quality process

by:Huide     2020-06-23

now size enterprises standing in Beijing, backpack as part of the People's Daily life, backpack customization demand is growing. Backpack with the overall development of the society, enterprise custom requirements and quality also more and more high, and a backpack custom is different from the spot backpack, are tight in the enterprise custom task. This will require a work of good quality and high efficiency bag manufacturers to meet the demand. Beijing backpack manufacturers custom business bags, computer bag there are advantages.

in enterprise bags custom made most often, business backpack, computer bag, leisure bags, outdoor backpack, sports bags, travel bags, and even a canvas bag, etc.

business bag customization process of the first process is by Beijing backpack manufacturer edition division according to drawings or samples bags plate making, this version is different from the other version, now lay's version, it is adept are used to call for paper. Is a blank sheet of paper use stroke out drawings, how to use, every place has a detailed annotations. The second program is making sample package, this program do? Good, still have a lot to do with paper. If not suitable will need to modify the paper case. A certain value paper no problem to realize the purpose of design. Version of the package, the first is to confirm that the purpose of paper mail no error or mistake, severe error is to prevent the production of the goods, the second is the backpack version in order to test materials, and try. Usually do version package and often the problem is that even if the fabric is same, grain slightly some differences, made the whole pack a big gap.

the third program is to prepare material, to cut materials, this ritual in the main is to want to buy the fabric, materials, accessories, and other raw materials, purchasing materials are batch or rolls of fabric, which requires a complete set of cutting die out, cut down the material packed separately. The fourth procedure is for sewing, computer bag or business backpacks are not thick, basically use on flat sewing machine can complete processing of this application, if it is thick point computer except backpack or process is a bit complicated computer bags, the bags in the final package you need to use high the car on sewing. It is relatively simple describes the backpack to make this process and procedure, because the consumption period program right here.

Nowadays, it is very common for us to utilise in best business backpack. And the quality of is decisive to production efficiency.
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