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Those things about backpack custom fabric selection

by:Huide     2021-04-20
Today, custom backpack is constantly emerging, custom backpack is more and more popular with people, and major companies have chosen customized backpacks as corporate gifts. However, it is not easy to customize a suitable backpack, and it often requires a lot of effort. Among them, the choice of custom backpack fabrics is very particular. Today, I will tell you about the selection of custom backpack fabrics. Let’s take a look!    If you want to customize a good-looking and durable backpack, you must first Fabric selection begins. There are thousands of fabrics that can be customized for backpacks on the market. Different fabrics have different characteristics and prices. In addition, backpacks made of different fabrics have different grades and uses. Generally speaking, the choice of fabric should be based on style, purpose, budget, etc. If you don’t know how to choose fabrics, you should find a reliable factory, explain your requirements and manufacturers in detail, let the manufacturers help recommend suitable fabrics, and then use the fancy fabric proofing to determine whether it meets your needs. . There are many types of backpack fabrics. Take Oxford cloth as an example. There are dozens of different types depending on the yarn thickness of the fabric, ranging from 300D to 1680D. In addition, the functional requirements of the fabric are different, such as different degrees of waterproofness and resistance. The degree of combustion, environmental protection standards are different, etc., and different types can be derived. Moreover, the patterns presented by different weaves of the same material are completely different, and the effects of different weaves of seemingly the same fabric are completely different, and even the effects of different colors of the same fabric will vary greatly. Therefore, when customizing a backpack, if you have a sample bag, you must provide it to the factory so that the factory can find the fabric according to the sample bag. If there is no sample package, you must describe your specific requirements clearly, and the more detailed the better, so as to reduce the chance of deviation. 

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