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Three common senses of custom-made kindergarten school bags

by:Huide     2021-04-15
In order to enhance brand image and expand brand influence, many kindergartens find schoolbag manufacturers to customize kindergarten schoolbags with brand characteristics. And print brand information on the school bag, so as to achieve the effect of publicity and promotion. However, the close playmates of the schoolbags and the quality of the schoolbags directly affect the health of the children. This is the top priority that kindergartens should pay attention to when ordering schoolbags. Below, I will introduce some common sense about custom-made kindergarten school bags, I hope I can help you! First, the kindergarten schoolbags should pay attention to the fabrics of the schoolbags. The fabrics of the schoolbags must be strong and wear-resistant. The most important thing is to be as light as possible to reduce the burden on the children. Second, the quality, workmanship and edge feel of the fasteners should be paid attention to when ordering kindergarten school bags to prevent the use of too sharp fasteners. It is best to use less metal fasteners to reduce potential hazards. Third, when designing kindergarten schoolbags, you should pay attention to the carrying system. The carrying system is very important. It is related to the health of the children's spine. It should be treated with care and careful measurement to reduce errors. Find a schoolbag manufacturer to order kindergarten schoolbags, first customize the manufacturer. We have more than ten years of schoolbag production experience and have a professional schoolbag design team.
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