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Three important factors affecting the quality of the trolley case

by:Huide     2021-09-01
The materials in good boxes and bags are also more comfortable. Generally, the logo of the luggage duffel brand is placed on the surface of the box. The overall color of the lining is coordinated with the box, and the workmanship should also be very delicate. The lining and the box itself will be relatively sticky and look very comfortable.   Under normal circumstances, the appearance of a good quality trolley duffel case is generally very upright, and the corners of the case are also made more symmetrical. When placed flat, generally when the four corners are on the ground, there will be no skew. There should be no extra seams on the surface of the box, and there should be no roughness. Good luggage duffel trolleys are made of steel, and the appearance will look very bright. The wheels will also not look so stiff, a bit like rubber.  A good trolley case, if the zipper is made of copper, it looks very thick, and the zipper will not lose any color after long-term use. And the zipper will feel smoother when pulled up. Shutila chooses YKK wide zipper, the zipper width is twice as large as the ordinary trolley case, seemingly small parts, but can further expand the box capacity.   Since the friction between the wheels of the trolley duffel case and the outside is the most, it is the most vulnerable part of the trolley case. In addition, the rod of the trolley case is also the most easily damaged part. Therefore, if you want to choose a good quality trolley case, it is best that the trolley and wheels are built-in. In this way, when traveling, whether it is checked or carried by yourself, it can reduce wear and tear, thereby increasing the service life of the case;
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