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Three major details that cannot be ignored in custom-made canvas bags

by:Huide     2021-05-29
Because canvas bags are durable and the customized price is relatively low, many merchants or companies will choose to customize some canvas bags to attract consumers' attention when doing related promotional activities. Moreover, relevant promotional information is printed on the canvas bags. Advertisements can be done wherever they are backed up. This is a multi-purpose advertising method for event organizers. Below, the editor will tell you about the three major details that can not be ignored in custom-made canvas bags. Let's learn about them together. 1. Pay attention to the quality of canvas material. No matter what kind of fabric, the higher the density, the better the quality. The canvas is no exception. If you want to customize a canvas bag with a better quality, you must pay attention to choosing a high-density canvas. The canvas bag is durable, and a good canvas is soft and delicate to the touch, and a poor canvas is rough to the touch. 2. Pay attention to the strength of the manufacturer. Although the production process of canvas bags is not complicated, it also has certain requirements on the manufacturer’s technology. When choosing a custom canvas bag manufacturer, merchants should pay attention to checking the manufacturer’s past production cases and related technical equipment. See if you can achieve the effect you want. 3. Pay attention to the workmanship of canvas bags. When customizing canvas bags, you need to pay attention to whether the stitching of the bag car made by the processing factory is neat, the spacing is even, whether there is any off-line situation, the denser the stitches of the bag, the more durable the bag , Will not be so easy to split the line. There is also whether the sewing thread used is the same or similar to the color of the bag. Although most of them will use the same color, it is not ruled out that those factories with poor quality and no strict requirements on product quality will do this. Canvas bags are customized, please look for it. It is a production-oriented enterprise specializing in the production and processing of luggage and bags, Ru0026D, design and sales. It has more than ten years of operating experience, has a professional Ru0026D and design team and professional operating personnel. Therefore, there is Sufficient ability to develop and design the latest, exquisite and high-quality luggage for customers.
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