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Three misunderstandings in high-end gift customization

by:Huide     2021-09-20
The improvement of living standards, the increase of labor costs and material costs have intensified competition in the low-end gift market. Therefore, many gift companies have begun to target the high-end gift customization market. However, not many companies are willing to make high-end gift customization, which makes the market for high-end gift customization poor, leading to the market phenomenon of gift suppliers 'not getting high, but not getting low'. How to choose high-end gift customization? In fact, it is not that companies are not willing to do high-end gifts. Gifts, but high-end gifts are not clearly positioned and confused and unwilling to try. To be honest, many people have misunderstandings about high-end gift customization. The three major misunderstandings of high-end gift customization are as follows:   Misunderstanding 1: Sky-high prices are equal to high-end and many companies are high-end The understanding that only stays on high-end packaging makes the actual value of gifts seriously inconsistent with the price, such as sky-high gift crabs, high-end porcelain, etc. Real high-end gifts should have attributes such as high quality, scarcity, cultural connotation, and inheritance. Companies should put gifts more in line with the value of the product itself and the value of the brand. Therefore, high-end products must have strong value support, not only to be sufficient, but also to make unique differences.  Misunderstanding 2: The more attached value, the higher the end.   It is the opposite of the previous error. Some companies believe that the higher the value of high-end products, the better. In order to make the recipients feel the value of the gift and make them feel that it is worth the money and love it very much, they will hope to pile up all the values u200bu200band concepts that can be unearthed. In fact, only one gains from value refinement, one must choose the sharpest and most direct one that directly hits the mind of the recipient. Misunderstanding 3: When customizing high-end gifts, many companies hope that gift suppliers can use the image of big brands on the market as gifts. The first is that there is no unauthorized, which may cause some unnecessary laws. Disputes; second, strictly speaking, we are not confident about our own brand. According to common sense, if we are willing to spend money to customize gifts, we will naturally do gifts that others do not have. Our brand is nothing more than the best feature. Employees are the gift of the brand, and the gift to the customer is the promotion of the brand. Both of them are their own trust in the brand and the proud recognition of the corporate image. The highest level of customized high-end gifts is nothing more than the customization of self-branded gifts.   Customized high-end gift companies must clarify their customized purpose, customization needs and service targets in the early stage, try to avoid the above three misunderstandings, keep their eyes open, choose the right gift supplier, and customize high-end gifts of their own brands. Committed to the customization of luggage and gifts, we are willing to provide you with high-end luggage and gift services that belong to the corporate brand image throughout the year.
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